Chef Giorgio’s introduction to pizza-making came by way of his part-time job in a neighborhood pizzeria in Central Italy. He enrolled at the Culinary Institute of Milan, and by 1988, when he attained the title Master Pizzaiolo, he put up his own restaurant, Il Convento, literally from a small old convent building. By the mid-90s, whilst doing business in the Philippines, he augmented his menu with Filipino cuisine which became a hit. This made him decide to relocate to the Philippines, where he worked on several restaurants including Marciano’s, Balboa, Nielsen Bakery, Amici, Va’ Pensiero, and the Joey Pepperoni chain.

Chef Giorgio has been part of our faculty since 2001. His authentic Italian cooking classes spiced up our curriculum with that exciting international flavor. Leave it to Chef Giorgio Bucciarelli to influence you with the history, traditions, and creativity associated with Italian cooking.