1. Enrollment may be done at our school, by visiting us or through the telephone, or on-line through our website.
  2. Enrollment is made on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  3. Our maximum limit or cap for any of our Essentials Classes is 20 students.
  4. Upon full or partial payment, the Essential student shall submit a duly accomplished reservation form before the start of Lesson 1.


There are two kinds of Payment Terms:

  1. One-time payment upon registration on or before the date of the class wherein the student will automatically be entitled to a 5% discount.
  2. Installment payments and due dates:
      a. 50% upon registration
      b. 20% 2nd,payment, due before Lesson 7
      c. 20% 3rd payment, due before Lesson 14
      d. 10% 4th payment due before Lesson 20


  1. Our classes start on time. If needed, we give allowances of up to 10 minutes for latecomers.
  2. A student will be marked Tardy after a grace period of fifteen (15) minutes from the actual start of the class.
  3. In cases of perennial tardiness, we will assess the student’s eligibility and qualification to officially graduate from the Essentials Program. We will duly inform the student concerned about this matter.
  4. In cases of absences, a student is allowed a maximum of three (3) make-up classes, to be taken in subsequent Essentials Program Schedules, to be agreed upon between the student and our school.


  1. Before the first day of classes or Lesson 1, withdrawal is not necessary. Instead, we will process the cancellation of the enrollment of the student concerned.
  2. If the Essential Student has concerns that may lead to withdrawal, we are willing to discuss this matter to enable us to give our advice and guidance.
  3. If the Essentials student has decided to withdraw, we can refund prior tuition fee payments, subject to the following conditions:
      a. Before Lesson 2 – Total payments less pro-rata cost of Lesson 1 plus P5,000.00 Withdrawal Fee.
      b. Before Lesson 7 – Total payments less pro-rata cost of Lesson 1 through 6, whichever applies, plus P15,000.00 Withdrawal Fee.
      c. Before Lesson 14 – Total payments less pro-rata cost of Lesson 1 through 13, whichever applies, plus P20,000.00 withdrawal Fee.
      d. . Before the last Lesson- Total payments less pro-rata cost of all preceding Lessons, whichever applies, plus P25,000.00 Withdrawal Fee.


    1. A Certificate of Merit will be given to the Essentials student upon full completion of the Program.
    2. The Certificate is a non-Degree certificate, whether Academic or Vocational.
    3. Essentials Class students may only request duplicated copies of their Certificates of Merit in case of damage or loss. Replacement certificates can be ordered by the requesting Essential Class student only. Immediate family members or spouses may request a replacement certificate under special circumstances, and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. As it may take some time for us to verify your records and prepare the replacement certificate, we advise such requests to be done at least two (2) weeks prior to the actual need, by phone or through the website.

We will advise the requesting student about the corresponding duplication charge upon our response to your request.


  1. Only enrolled students are allowed inside our premises during class hours
  2. We do not allow students to take photographs or videos during the class. Although we encourage students to share their experiences through social media, we would like to manage the use of recording devices especially if it will adversely affect the continuity and decorum inside our classrooms.
  3. Talking on the cellphone in the classroom, while class is in session, is not allowed. If necessary, students may use their cellphones outside the classroom. We request all cellphones to be either turned off or placed on silent mode during the class.
  4. We are not responsible for any damage, loss or theft incurred to personal property and/or equipment.
  5. We are not responsible for any bodily injuries or damages that a student may sustain as a result of participating in any class, workshop, or program.
  6. We can take photographs or videos of the enrolled student during class hours or the usual class group photograph after each class. We shall have full and unrestricted publishing and use of these photographs or video clips. However, any Essential Series Student, upon enrollment, may advise our staff not to be included in such photo or video shoot.
  7. We request all Essential Series Students to advise us before the class about dietary restrictions or allergies, if any. We will try our best to address your specific restrictions, if any, but we retain the right to maintain the class content of the pertinent class in order to provide the best experience for the entire group.
  8. We require all our Essential Series students to adhere to such safety regulations in our kitchen, such as the use of closed-toe shoes and the need to keep the hair tidy by tying it back or wearing a hairnet.
  9. Any former Essential Series student may request copies of recipes from his/her past classes by phone or by email at info@henysison.com, after verification of their graduate status and approval by Management. Our staff will advise the requesting student about the cost of reproduction. Processing time is three (3) working days.