Not at all. A number of our students started out having no prior knowledge before taking a class. This         applies to both the Lifestyle Classes and the Essential Series.

Generally, there is no age limit, but we do have designated classes appropriate for certain age groups. Our youngest enrollee for the Essential Series was only 14 years old, and we used to have a 97-year-old man who would take our Lifestyle Series classes at least three to four times a year. We later found out he was generously passing on his knowledge to his neighbors! During school breaks, we have hands-on modules available for little chefs aged six to 12 years old, and another for teenagers aged 13-19. We are open to all ages but allow us to help you find the most appropriate class for your age group.

Yes. We have already done quite a few special classes including Birthday Baking parties and Culinary team-building events among others.

For inquiries, please see our Private Events page.

No. Please note that the Philippines does not have an Accreditation Center for Chefs. To earn the title, one must earn the recognition through achievements, and this is usually determined by esteemed leaders, peers, and authorities in the industry.

Yes, gift certificates can be purchased at our school.

As much as possible, we repeat each Lifestyle class at least every other month.
For the Essentials Series program, we schedule the courses six times a year.
For the actual schedules, check Lifestyle Classes or The Essential Series

While we encourage you to share your experience via social media, our main priority and concern is that a focused learning environment is maintained for our students. As long as it does not disrupt the class, your fellow students, and the instructors, taking photos and videos will be allowed to a certain degree.

Please refer our to our Class Policies for more information.

Our main medium of instruction is English.