The Heny Sison Culinary School began by conducting Lifestyle Classes, which are mostly one-day-long workshops or lecture-demo classes on a number of select cooking and baking techniques. We repeat certain Lifestyle Classes every month or every other month, depending on the feedback from our students. Through time, we have continually added new and interesting Lifestyle Classes to stay abreast with food trends and developments. If you’re looking for a fun, informative way to master certain culinary methods, our Lifestyle Classes may be for you.


All classes are on a first-come, first-serve basis. To register, give us a call at (02) 726-5316 or send us a message at or on our Facebook page – When registering, please indicate the classes you intend to participate in and include your contact details (name, address, email address, landline and mobile number).

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Cake Rolls

January 3, 2017, Wednesday

10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Recipes: Yema Roll, Mocha Casuy Roll, Dulce de Leche Roll, Ube Macapuno Roll, Chocolate Fudge Roll, Mango Roll and Brazo de Mercedes Roll with bonus recipe Brazo de Mercedes Cupcake.

Demonstration class only. Please bring food containers.




Beginners 3-layer Fondant Wedding Cake

January 10, 2018, Wednesday

10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

You will learn how to bake, ganache, cover, set-up and decorate a 3-tier fondant cake.  Learn how to make edible LACE from scratch.
Recipes: Chocolate Mud Cake, Chocolate Ganache, Royal Icing, Marshmallow Fondant and Gum Paste

Hands-on class. Apron is included. Pre-requisite:  Fun Fondant for Beginners. Please bring hand towel, rolling pin, pizza cutter and scissors.




3-Dimensional Cupcake and Small Cake Toppers I

January 17, 2018, Wednesday

10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Learn how to bake and decorate your cupcakes with cute little toppers without using molds. We will be making a Sea Shell, Starfish, Sleeping Baby, Hand Bag, Purse, Teddy Bear, Lion, Spot the Dog, Christmas Tree, Standing Boy in a Suit and a Standing Lady in a Gown.
Recipes:  Banana Chocolate Chip Cupcakes, Marshmallow, Old-Fashioned Simple Buttercream, Royal Icing and Special Gum Paste.

Hands-on class. Apron is included. Please bring your gum paste tool set (big or small size), x-acto knife, cutting mat, nail scissors, small rolling pin, tracing wheel, small pizza cutter, ruler, star cutters and hand towel.